First release

The first production version of Blindscript is already available on Google Play Store. We will begin with this version for Android system, glimpsing another one for IOS in the coming months. The process to make the app available for download culminates with the acquisition of complementary knowledge by our development team composed by Computer Engineering students. The team learned about how to working with permission grants for API usage and publication of products on application stores.

Building an Inclusion-Driven Community

Our initial goal is to encourage the creation of audiodescriptions, aiming at the growth of the content base with it. Therefore, we ask to all who download our application to help creating audiodescriptions of your photos of Instagram (and in the future other social media). We look forward to feedback either through reviews on app store or directly through the contact channels like our Facebook page or email. The project is in continuous improvement, we hope to evolve our application and consequently the website to access the photos with audiodescription.

Download Link

Published by: Alexandre Pinheiro
Date: 2018-03-22

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