Following good practices of accessibility reinforced by the award-winning Núcleo de Acessibilidade e Usabilidade (NAU) of the Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro, the development of this site was guided by the W3C web content accessibility recommendations (WCAG 2.0) and had the templates (web pages) that make up the site validated by automated accessibility tools:

In addition, the site view has been tested on mobile devices and in different browsers, considering the most popular. Keyboard navigation was also performed on all site to ensure that no content was restricted to the mouse.

If you have any suggestions for accessibility or have difficulties accessing information on our site, please contact us by email:

Shortcut Keys

Following the guidelines of the Accessibility Model in eGovernment (eMAG) of Brazilian Government, some shortcut keys were implemented to facilitate navigation on the site. On all pages, pressing ALT (on PC) or CTRL (on MAC) together with one of the letters below, you can go directly to the desired element:

  • ALT + C, (on PC) or CTRL + C (on MAC) goes to main content
  • ALT + H, (on PC) or CTRL + H (on MAC) goes to the main page
  • ALT + L, (in the PC) or CTRL + L (on MAC) changes the language of the website (Portuguese or English).

The above guidelines apply to Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari browsers. For Mozilla Firefox and Opera, use the following set of keys:

  • Mozilla Firefox: ALT + SHIFT + letter
  • Opera: SHIFT + ESCAPE + letter

The keys must be pressed simultaneously.

Note: The Internet Explorer browser only positions the cursor on the link where the shortcut is located. You must press it to access the content.

Last page update: 2017-10-24

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