About Talk a Bit

Talk A Bit is a non-profit tech conference organized by graduating Software Engineering students from FEUP, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Like in previous occurances, this year's 6th edition of the conference will focus on the social impact of technology. The conference started in 2013 with less than 150 attendees, a number that has grown to 500 in last year's edition. The trend is clear, and it demonstrates how much social responsibility in technology is important for the general public.

Blindscript among the most relevant projects

During the event we had the presentations from the Coding for Social Impact project, a local project that has FEUP students developing real projects for real organizations that aim to use those projects to make a positive social impact. Previous editions of the project have had student projects focusing on areas ranging from medical care to aiding elder people. In this edition Blindscript was presented as one of the most relevant drawing attention to the cause of visual impairment.

Event Photos

Source: Talk a Bit

Published by: Alexandre Pinheiro
Date: 2018-01-21

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