Permission Granted

Our application is a product of a project based in closer relations between academia and industry with focus on social impact. Our team is composed by masters students in Computer Engineering from Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. The permission grant is a great step in the professional curriculum of the project team. Now, our application has access to use the Instagram API in public mode, so Blindscript users can use their Instagram credentials in our application with the warranty of information protection and logically to achieve the purpose of our app that is to create audio descriptions of photos by providing the digital inclusion of content for the visually impaired.

Understanding the process

Each new application created on Instagram's platform starts in Sandbox mode. Applications in this mode may use the end-point methods of the API, but with restricted number of users and access to media. Our application was on this mode during prototyping and design phase. To receive our permission, we have sent a request for review and approval. Once reviewed, our application was authorized to request users the permission scopes for which it was approved. The review process ensures an authentic and consistent experience for the Instagram community within Blindscript. The application review process aims to help the community members more broadly control on how their content is being shared by third-party applications.

Source: Instagram Developer Review

Published by: Alexandre Pinheiro
Date: 2018-03-15

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