Make an accessible photo album

Our app helps you to create audio descriptions of your social media photos and organizes it into an album accessible for visually impaired people.

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About Blindscript

These are the main ideas of our application. Read our history.

Low Vision

According to the World Health Organization, 246 million people are estimated to have low vision worldwide.


39 million people are blind. Low vision taken together with blindness represents all visual impairment.

Screen Readers

Enable navigation and automated description of images prepared for accessibility.

Alternative Text of Images

Screen readers play audio of alternative descriptions of images, which does not always explain content.

Audio Description

A bridge between the unseen image and the image built in the mind of one who hears the description.

Humanized Description

No more 'robotic' audio of screen readers. We provide the audio description made by who lived/created the image.

Accessibility Tested

Our website and photo galleries were tested using screen readers and specialized applications.

WCAG 2.0 Compliance

Audio description is provided for all photos in our albuns following accessibility criteria under WCAG 2.0 Guideline 1.1.

Academic Research

Our application was developed following the discussions and future proposals of academic articles about visual impairment.


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  • Use your social media account

    No registration forms in our app. Start now using your social media login.

  • Audio Description Recording

    Look your photo, push the button and record your audio description.

  • Describe yourself

    Your profile picture will have an audio description too.

  • Tips for your Audio Descriptions

    Follow our tips to make the best audio description for your photos.

  • Exploring photo albuns

    Explore audio descriptions from albums and search for people or indexed content.

  • Building a community

    Help people to see the world through your eyes and the sound of your voice.

Meet the Team


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Public use of Instagram's API granted

We received the Instagram's permission after following strict guidelines specifications, API usage policies and information transparency.

Talk a Bit 2018 had Blindscript among the most relevant projects

Our project focused on digital inclusion of visually impaired people was presented to the public at Talk a Bit 2018.